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Avaliações de funcionários da empresa Vodafone: King's Lynn

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The salary, bonuses(when you could get them ) and maternity was great. However some things have likely changed since I left as they have now become partner agent stores. The sales targets were ridiculous and missing them by even two pay as you go phones like I did resulted in a disciplinary (when I was 30 weeks pregnant, and had to fight for my job in a hearing). I left to peruse a career with animals which is what i was educated and trained to do, but even if I wasn’t, the fact I left the company to go onto minimum wage, SSP and SMP probably says a lot about the company. I was refused a promotion when I was pregnant because I ‘wasn’t going to be there long enough to be worth while’ even though I still had about 20 weeks left til my due date. When I came back from maternity, I did only have to do 80% of my hours to be paid the 100% which was great. But I left after 6 months of being back because my mental health meant more to me than the money did. Some of the managers in the stores are great as I’ve worked with a lot of them over the 4 years I was there, unfortunately we had a high management turn over in the kings lynn store and the constant changing management put a strain on all of us.
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