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very unprofessional

Equilíbrio entre trabalho e vida pessoal
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7 de Março de 2014
After spending 3 hours registering and filling in form's and previously worked with them at for the same client they still expect 4-8 hours voluntary work and still no guarantee of a placement. Not just that email they send for ID you need is ain't enough . If your unemployed more than a week they want your full 5 year signing on details which takes upto a month for jobcentres to provide. Made complaint to manageress about the incompetent g i consultant and i was VERBALLY ABUSED. Take a hint people there's other agencies that want your services G I ain't worth your time of day. They'll use and abuse u
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none whatsoever
voulantary work expected, no holiday bookings guaranteed, low wages, after13 weeks no pay rise as they usually promise
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