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Acerca - Deloitte

A Deloitte é uma empresa de auditoria, consultoria tributária, consultoria em gestão de riscos empresariais, corporate finance, consultoria empresarial, outsourcing, consultoria em capital humano e consultoria atuarial. Fundada em 1845, em Londres, possui mais de 700 escritórios afiliados em quase 140 países, contando com cerca de 170.000 profissionais.No – 


One Deloitte

Meaningful work. Challenging engagements. A chance to make an impact. Learn more about Deloitte, our culture and see if a career within the organization may be right for you.

Making an impact around the world

Acts of Inclusion

Day in the Life: Mahia

As an international and first-generation college student, Mahia shares how she learned to navigate the reality of business challenges and how it has pushed her to think differently in her work at Deloitte.

Day in the Life: Ravi

Ravi discusses how his diverse upbringing and strong family values have influenced his career in Deloitte’s Analytics field, and how it continues to impact and inspire his day-to-day work.

Day in the Life: Olivia

As a native of Chicago, Olivia describes her interest in technology and how it steered her towards a career in cyber security.

Day in the Life: Jessica

Jessica shares her journey as a woman in engineering at Deloitte, and discusses how her expertise in science and math helps to effectively implement solutions for clients.