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When I first started at Coach it was fun cause all the employees are like best friends with each other. 2 months later hired 8 new employees all were Asian and everyone came to find out that they were getting paid more and getting priority hours based on the fact that they could communicate with resellers. The management consisted of 6 managers. The 3 senior managers did whatever they wanted too from coming in late to taking extra hours for lunch all the time AND they never faced any consequences. I remember them constantly yelling at the 3 junior members about being to friendly with employees, being late once or twice, and trying to take control of their jobs so they were not relevant. Overall very toxic environment, constantly being threatened to have hours cut if sales targets weren't met once or twice, and favoritism towards Asians. I was under paid for the amount I would do, like train new employees, coming in early to change set up, staying later than scheduled to help keep the store clean. Was given duties like a manager but was paid less than employees after me.
Friendly customers
toxic management, high turnover
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